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Greenseed Capital

Greenseed Capital partners work with green technology entrepreneurs to solve the challenges that accompany bringing green innovations and sustainable processes to the global market.

An introduction to Greenseed Capital

Our Greenseed team are seasoned entrepreneurs who fully understand the process and challenges of growing a new business to scale. Taking a new brand to market, engaging with clients early, driving sales, executing delivery, managing the day to day business, while keeping outside investors content is a challenge.

Our mission is therefore to solve these challenges and be mutually aligned in the success of our clients at all times through their journey.

As active impact investors we commit our own capital, often joined by our network of similar like-minded investors, to support the growth of our portfolio companies. We then offer our active sales support, typically on a commission basis, to promote our portfolio solutions to our international network of multinational corporates.

Our portfolio companies enjoy the benefit of knowing we are completely invested and aligned with them in their long term success, always with the mission to make the world better in everything we do.

Our Greenseed Investment Approach

We invest principally in strong entrepreneurs and market-ready companies who meet the following criteria:

  • Your impactful technology should ideally be at TRL 7* or above.
  • Your solution should ideally target one of the United Nations. Sustainable Development Goals for 2050, with a focus on environmental sustainability.
  • Your technology and brand assets should have relevant intellectual property protection (UK as a minimum).
  • Your solutions and technologies should be unique to the market.
  • Your solutions and technologies should have evidence for their application and impact on businesses and the global environment.

We undertake normal investor research and due diligence and our investment terms are market standard and designed to be flexible and fair. Our typical investments are up to £150k, and can greatly extend this with our network of other impact investors who share our vision and approach. We provide patient capital, where our prime focus is on securing early stage revenue and then scaling this into international markets.
Through Greentech we offer a range of optional support services to ensure our Greenseed Capital portfolio is managed to best practice standards while having as low cost profile as possible.

* Technology readiness level.
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment

Get in touch with Greenseed Capital

If you are a budding ecopreneur and have a sustainability solution that could benefit from Greenseed support, please get in touch.

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