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About Us

A greener, safer, sustainable world

Greentech is a collective of diverse professionals driven by the urgent need for impactful, environmental change. We know that new technology is a key factor in tackling the global environmental problems we face, and are prepared for the difficulties when introducing disruptive solutions to the market. We know that these solutions alongside the willingness to fix our environment are the tools needed in safeguarding our world for future generations.

As entrepreneurs with backgrounds and strengths in a varying professions and departments, Greentech runs by innovative, open-minded ideas and the sharing of information. Due to the ever-changing state of the global environment, we excel in pivoting to match current global and economic shifts as well as maneuvering the challenges that arise when bringing innovative ideas to the market.

Meet Our Team

Founder & ceo

Nick Yeatman

Nick started Greentech in 2017 with a conviction that something had to be done about the environmental problems facing the world. With over 30 years’ experience in fast-paced industries, he has built a reputation for delivering growth, proving that businesses can thrive by adopting sustainable commercial practices. He has a passion for business development and has wide-ranging expertise in providing strategic direction and business growth year-on-year. Having a positive impact through business has been his most rewarding achievement to date and now his driver.

commercial director

Andy Taylor

Andy is an experienced corporate executive with over 25 years in senior finance roles (Balfour Beatty, GE Capital, Westfield Group, and KPMG). With qualifications as a chartered accountant, a law degree and an MBA, he mentors Greentech’s portfolio clients on market entry strategy, project delivery and business management. Andy also plays an active role in marketing our client innovations to our network of multi-national companies.

operations director

Ian Hucklesby

As a commercial lead, Ian has extensive experience developing relationships and new business with C-suites, and he is a key contributor during business planning and strategy development. His over 35-year career includes leading teams in digital marketing, martech, ecommerce , and commercial delivery for businesses such as BSkyB, HSBC, Thomas Cook, Next, Guardian Media Group, Dixons Retail, Legal and General, Daimler, GM, and Deloitte.


Richard Simkins

Richard has almost 20 years’ experience delivering advertising and brand partnerships with major blue-chip companies, specialising in outdoor advertising, innovative technologies and the commercialisation of property. Richard’s experience of commercial evaluation, human behaviour and project management helps Greentech’s portfolio clients realise the potential of their products ahead of real-world deployment.

Creative Director

Mark Guest

Mark has over 25 years’ experience delivering brand and marketing solutions for a wide array of clients, specialising in the online, digital and media industries. Mark applies his extensive experience to supporting Greentech portfolio clients with their brand and marketing strategy as well as providing the occasional comedic relief during internal creative meetings.

Social media Account Manager

Kenny Lawal

Kenny is a digital marketing professional experienced at optimizing business marketing capacities across digital channels. For Greentech, Kenny manages social media accounts for Greentech portfolio clients making significant contributions to maintain their online presence through strategy development, content writing and social media monitoring. She is always passionate about exciting and innovative ideas.


Kirsty Bird

Kirsty has a background in multimedia journalism and has created content for a variety of online publications. With a lifelong love for producing creative, informative copy that engages readers, Kirsty is involved in all of Greentech’s written content creation, proofreading website copy for clients and carrying out in-depth research to ensure that all content is accurate and representative of a brand.

Account ManageR

Jay Ramirez

Jay has a significant background in business management, sales and people management, having worked with brands like Tiffany & Co, Ted Baker, Harrods and the Selfridges Group. He has an aptitude for interpersonal relations and an ability to produce creative business solutions as he builds meaningful business relationships with clients.


Eleanor Sturt

With a background in journalism and content production, Ellie spearheads the Content and Insights team, not only providing research to support business decisions, but also creating unique and impactful content to the marketing team. Ellie additionally serves as project manager for Greentech’s portfolio clients, ensuring projects are completed in an efficient manner.


Danya Aitken

Danya has held an interest in research throughout her education, with a varied background in both qualitative and quantitative research. With a focus on the global community and the issues we face together, Danya understands the importance of research in helping businesses put their best foot forward to helping the world become a greener place.


Joshua Watmuff

Joshua is a graduated of the University of Leeds with a 2.1 honours degree in Computer Science. During his time at University, he engaged in an innovation task on reducing fast fashion waste, his innovation team presented their ideas industry 4.0 and app concept at the London fashion week event in Mayfair. His background is in programming, IT, cyber security with a strong passion for STEM and sustainability.

Project Manager

Alec O'Donnell

Alec has a background in science and communications, working in conservation and with charities. He has now transferred his analytical and creative skills towards business and finance to assist Greentech’s managing directors in research and project management. He has a passion for sustainability and ensures innovative business ideas and investments meet Greentech’s professional goals.

Social Media Assistant

Gennaro Maffettone

Gennaro is a recent Photography graduate with experience in video, media, music and dance. His passion for various art fields is what inspires his creative work, challenging himself in each new project. His bubbly and understanding personality is what makes him a great team player and bringing tasks to success.

Business Development Executive

Alice Goad

Alice is a recent graduate of Manchester School of Art, with a first class honours degree in Photography. Her creative and caring nature drew her to Greentech and their mission to achieve sustainable business solutions. With a passion for environmentalism, research, and sales, she is an eager and driven member of the team.


Sally Smith

Sally graduated with a 2:1 honours degree in economics. She undertook a range of research projects at university through which she harnessed her talent for distilling and analysing the most relevant information. Sally recognises the urgency of responding to the climate emergency, acknowledging that, to achieve lasting sustainability, adopting green technology is imperative.


Charlie Milner

Recently graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Criminology with Psychology has led to a keen interest in researching and collecting data. I understand the essential role that research plays in understanding and building the knowledge we need to be able to make the best, most informed decision.


Saima Azeem

Saima has an extensive background in psychological research and a keen interest in how the ever-changing field of sustainability is viewed and interacted with by businesses, consumers and the general public. Saima uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyse and present information that is crucial to decision making and sales strategies.

data administrator

Jack Bottomley

Jack is a recent graduate from UCL with a Master’s in Philosophy. He has research experience and a keen interest in environmental issues, which made Greentech instantly stand out to him. His creative and analytical nature will be a great asset to the company, and he is looking forward to making an impact towards Greentech’s mission.  

seo specialist

Chloe Ogbonna

Chloe is a recent graduate in Computer Science, achieving a first class degree in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. In her time at university, she ventured into a broad range of of IT specialities such as programming, blockchain engineering and digital forensics. She is able to utilise her extensive experience in her role at Greentech.  

Junior PPC executive

Ben Dawson

Ben has a background in coding in Java and working in IT support. He is driven by challenging and fulfilling tasks. With a passion for improvement and self-development, Ben is always trying to find a way to better himself or help out his team.

Junior Personal Assistant

Alex Wickham

Alex’s background in creative arts allows him to utilise his creativity to help progress the business in any way he can. He is used to hands on jobs, meaning he provides a whole new perspective. With over 5 years experience with customer service, he is always finding the best outcome for all situations. He has developed strong communication skills from talking to such a wide range of customers over the years.

Non-Executive Director

Ben Tolhurst

Ben has over 25 years’ experience in the outsourcing industry (Andersen, BT, Serco, Capita, JLL). He has held a number of senior roles in strategy, business development, organisational design & change and IT transformation, as well as managing director roles for large outsource contracts and business divisions. During this time he has worked in a range of sectors including government, energy and utilities, retail, telco and commercial real estate. He is passionate about supporting individuals and businesses to understand the impact of climate change on our lives and how to take action to help create a more sustainable future.

Non-Executive Director

Charmaine Hogan

Charmaine has a wealth of experience and knowledge in international regulatory and public affairs, particularly in EU affairs.

Over the last 20 years, Charmaine has worked extensively across both the political and business spectrum. She deals and engages with diverse stakeholders across markets on key issues, mainly in the digital environment and upcoming legislation and policy. Charmaine’s extensive experience on EU policy and legislation, having worked within the ambit of the EU Institutions, will help to advise and support Greentech’s ambition to drive sustainable approaches.

Charmaine holds a Master of Arts degree in EU Law from King’s College London and a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of Malta. She spent many years of her career based in Brussels, Belgium. Currently residing in the UK, when not navigating regulatory landscapes, Charmaine can be found cycling or running in the countryside.


Geordie Anderson

Geordie has a six-year background in financial markets. Having been a Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income trader based in the City of London both trading client and personal capital. He has also worked with a FX company introducing new business on a B2B level across several industries. He is now focusing on the clean energy market.

Business Development Manager

Oscar Bell-Ogilby

Oscar has a proven background in business relations and management as well as sales within large companies and brands including Cambridge University, with an aptitude for client relations, B2B engagement and product representation. With a background in operating events from conception to completion in the past, he always ensures operations are executed to the highest standard.