Nature aware

Environmental Commitment

Nature Aware

Greentech champions the Circular Economy through its working relationships with businesses aimed at eliminating waste and breaking the traditional linear approach to production.

Through a circular approach, we help build policies and processes that employ the four tenets of Repair, Reuse, Refurbish, and Recycle, which prioritise the planet and the wellbeing of all species and the environment.

Whether it’s sourcing eco-finance, investing in new technology, leveraging the social and economic benefits of protecting the natural environment, or bringing green policy to product design and manufacturing, Greentech uses its knowledge, expertise, and network to launching new and transitioning businesses into a greener more sustainable future.

Business Declares

All of us at Greentech are hugely proud to be part of Business Declares along with all the other participating businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We have all recognised that it is critical for humanity to evolve to a point where we can coexist with nature and the environment with minimal negative impact. Greentech, at its core, seeks to support and represent innovations that deliver immediate climate benefits and that integrate sustainably and sensibly into every aspect of our daily lives.

Our mission is to seek out and support ‘ecopreneurs’ (with investment and active promotion) so they can accelerate the delivery of their solutions to our portfolio of multinational clients and consumer networks. We are all about meaningful, deliverable outcomes that businesses and consumers alike can see the benefit of engaging with.