Nature aware

Sustainable Technology Consulting & Investing

Active impact investors collaborating with scale-ups and established businesses to bring their innovative environmental technologies and solutions to the global market.

The Greentech approach

We passionately believe in making the world better. We do this by offering our portfolio of innovative sustainability solutions to help consumers and corporate clients minimise their impact on the environment. Our solutions are scientifically based, with outcomes that deliver practical results.

As well as investing in our portfolio clients, we also provide sales support and a range of optional business services. With this approach, we actively partner with our clients to ensure their long term success.

The Greentech Ethos

Scientifically Based

We are committed to new technologies and solutions that deliver positive environmental outcomes. Greentech promotes market-tested innovations that deliver optimal results for both the user and the planet

Practical Sustainability

Not only are we passionate about environmental sustainability, but we also ensure our outcomes are deliverable. Greentech supports and promotes innovations that are long-term solutions and cost effective.

Committed Support

We deliver complete support and attention to our clients throughout, both to corporate clients embracing our solutions and companies we invest in. With on-going sales and business support, portfolio clients benefit from our business network during their transition to the commercial market.

Nature Aware

Greentech champions the Circular Economy through its working relationships with businesses aimed at eliminating waste and breaking the traditional linear approach to production.

Through a circular approach, we help build policies and processes that employ the four tenets of Repair, Reuse, Refurbish, and Recycle, which prioritise the planet and the wellbeing of all species and the environment.

Whether it’s sourcing eco-finance, investing in new technology, leveraging the social and economic benefits of protecting the natural environment, or bringing green policy to product design and manufacturing, Greentech uses its knowledge, expertise, and network to launching new and transitioning businesses into a greener more sustainable future.

Our Services

We nurture our portfolio clients by supporting them with a comprehensive range of optional business services covering their revenue generation, client execution, and all their back-office management. This way, we enhance their investor capital by making sure they are managed to current best practice standards.

Our Clients

We are proud to work with brands leading environmental change in their own businesses and the wider community.


Graphene-nanotechnology enhanced batteries that outperform traditional solutions while remaining affordable. From 2MW containers, to home and office energy solutions, to EV solutions and more. These batteries are already deployed for multiple applications.


Patented technologies that apply complex thermodynamic principles to deliver increased thermal performance and energy efficiency for heating and air-conditioning systems. Applications in both commercial property and transport markets.


Reverse-vending machines for recycling plastics, glass and cans. Supports external brand marketing. Supported by a Greentech developed digital app for smartphones to enhance consumer and brand engagement.


Sustainable shopping bags with built in NFC chip technology that links to a consumer digital app for smartphones that encourages environmental impact engagement.